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We are a family based design studio that illustrates travel art prints for your home decor.

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We iterate and illustrate. 

We dose on design. 

We keep creating.

Studio 324 is the collaborative effort of 3 designers whose creative minds work 24 hours a day! But that's not the only reason why we are called Studio 324. That also happens to be the address of one of the only constants in our lives - our family home.

Kay, or The First Born, is the founder of Studio 324 and is the lead behind the art work produced at the Studio. The Cool Dad is a self taught artist and is the guiding force behind the medium and styles of the hand drawn illustrations. The Odd Ball is the jack of all trades and the master of them too. He is the brain behind curating the work we create. Trained as a graphic designer, he is the voice of (design) reason.

Together we bring to the table different design ideas and unique styles to create illustrations to decorate your home. Exposed to different cultures, we gravitated towards all types of artistic styles; whether it's the motifs of Morocco's architecture, the vibrant colours of India, the Japanese minimalist style or the blue hues of Danish designs.

Our wide spectrum of work is reflective of the varied eclectic tastes we have acquired over the years. Sticking to one style just isn't our thing. So we hope, with all of our unique collections, there's something that will catch your fancy. Check out our work with our stockists below.

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