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Misty Woodland

We Feel Responsible​

We feel responsible for our surroundings and we aren't afraid to admit that with our art prints we are taking away from the environment without giving back; and we want to change that.


At the micro level, we want to do that by bringing art to your homes. We always encourage people to art it up; whether it's your walls or your coffee mugs, art is a great pick-me-up for everything. At the macro level, we want to inspire change by giving back to the ecological footprint that we are creating. Our prints and packaging undoubtedly burden the environment, and we realized that we need to do something to pay back to the very environment we are indebted to.

This is why we have paired up with Trees for the Future.

Why? Because their business goals are not only about planting trees, but about making conscious efforts to change people’s lives and make the world a better place.They are involved in Central America and West & East Africa, and now with your support, they will be able to do even more.

Team Talk

Join Us and Heal the World

Studio 324 supports Trees for the Future in its activities to help communities alleviate poverty, affect positive social change, and improve both local and global environments. Globally, the collective impact of planting millions of trees helps support biodiversity, clean the air we breathe, and remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.


We hope that you’ll help us change the world for a better place. By ordering one of our prints, that are 12" x 16" or larger, a part of the money collected will be directly given to the Trees for the Future organisation to help plant trees. So each print bought equals to 10 trees planted. That may seem like a small step, but it's a small step towards a better future. With the end of each quarter, we donate the funds to the non-profit organisation through a transparent process where they are privy to the total sales we have made, and we are privy to where the funds are being allocated - which means that you as the customer will know exactly where your money is going.

Help us heal the world one art print and one tree at a time.

Shop with us today.

Build a Community

Studio 324 is also fundraising to either sponsor a volunteer trip, or to donate to Build Abroad! This campaign plans to raise funds for volunteers to travel and participate in community service around the globe in countries including Costa Rica, Nepal and Guatemala. We aim to make this an annual initiative and help a new community every year.


Take home any Studio 324 print and you will automatically contribute to our promise to help build a better community with Build Abroad. Visit our online shop and contribute to a great cause.

Volunteers Lifting Construction Frame

How This Works

With every 12" x 16" or larger print that you buy, a percentage of the profit goes into saving up to send two volunteers to participate in a campaign set up by Build Abroad.

The trip for a single individual can cost anywhere from $650 USD for a one week trip to a $6500 USD for a 6 month trip. The cost also varies depending on the country we send the volunteers to. You can see more details here.

Our aim is to send 2 volunteers each year for a period of two weeks; and that's why we need your help! With every purchase of an art print you make from our store you automatically contribute to the fund. And when we collect enough money for two volunteers, we will send them packing. 

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Volunteer Team

Want to be a Volunteer? Yup. We Need  You!

You guys are probably wondering: "Wait a minute. Does that mean the Studio is looking to fund a trip for themselves?" The answer is no. We know the value of travel and how much it helps broaden perspectives and make people more inclusive of different people and their cultures. We want young minds to be shaped not only by travel, but with an experience such as this, where they can help build a community. So we are taking a backseat and looking to sponsor volunteers together with our customers. So if you and a friend  are keen to be a part of something like this, then contact us today and let us know you are interested and why you think you will be a great fit for this campaign. Once we finalise you as a volunteer, we'll need all the support from you, your family and your friends to collect funds for the campaign.


If you are  customer and want to help support the fund, please do visit our shop. Not only will you be art-ing up your homes, helping build a community in distant lands, but as a customer, you are also helping shape wonderful human beings through a volunteer program.

Help us build communities one art print at a time.

Shop with us today.

Wait. How Many Things is my Purchase Sponsoring?

We know it sounds a tad bit excessive. But it is true. The Studio wants to support the great work that both Trees for the Future and Build Abroad do. So with every purchase of an art print that is 12" x 16" or larger that you make, we take a share of the profits and reserve it for both organisation. A dollar ($1.00) of the profit will go towards planting 10 trees for Trees for the Future, and another $2.00 will go towards the volunteer fund for Build Abroad. And with every drop, we will be able to build at least a lake if not an ocean. So check out our store today and tell your family, friends and co-workers about our work and get them to pitch in to make a better tomorrow. 

Help us build communities and build trees one art print at a time.

Shop with us today.

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