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15 Facts About the Christ Redeemer: A Chronicle of the Modern Wonders of the World

Travel print of Rio de Janeiro by Studio 324

When one gazes upon the majestic Christ the Redeemer, standing tall atop Rio de Janeiro's Corcovado Mountain, a sense of wonder fills the soul. This iconic structure, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, leaves millions of visitors awe-inspired each year as they make the ascent via foot or rail carts to witness its splendor. But beyond its familiar name lies a captivating narrative and intriguing details that few are acquainted with. Let us delve into the 15 mesmerizing facts that make Christ the Redeemer a true symbol of marvel!

Monumental Magnitude

Photo of the Christ Redeemer from an aerial view

Christ the Redeemer, perched at an elevation of 2,300 feet on Corcovado mountain, boasts a staggering weight of approximately 635 tons. The 98-foot-long and 92-foot-wide statue offers a breathtaking panorama of Rio de Janeiro below, serving as a beacon of Christianity worldwide. It has stood proudly for over 89 years and is hailed as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Artistry Across Borders

Though nestled in Rio de Janeiro's Tijuca jungle, Christ the Redeemer's origins lie in France. The Brazilian engineer, Heitor da Silva Costa, envisioned the statue, while the French artist Paul Landowski skillfully crafted it. The statue was meticulously assembled in Brazil by Silva Costa and the assistance of French engineer Albert Caquot.

A Triumph of Time

Photo of the Christ Redeemer looking up

The creation of Christ the Redeemer was no swift endeavor. It took a remarkable nine years, commencing in 1922, for the statue to be completed and unveiled to the world in October 1931. This ambitious project demanded an investment of around $250,000 and involved clearing overgrowth atop Mount Corcovado to make way for the monument's grandeur.

Evolving Design

Unbeknown to many, the original design of Christ the Redeemer differed from its current iconic form. Initially, the statue was envisioned to hold a globe in one hand and a crucifix in the other, earning it the name "Christ with a Ball." However, the final design, featuring open arms in a cross formation, was chosen for its powerful symbolism, signifying Christ's welcoming embrace.

A Priest's Vision

Photo of the Christ Redeemer looking up with a blue sky background

The idea of placing a religious statue atop Mount Corcovado was first proposed by Vincentian priest Pedro Maria Boss in the 1850s. He sought to commemorate Princess Isabel, daughter of Brazil's Emperor Pedro II. Despite initial rejection due to the ongoing separation of religion and state, the vision was revived in 1920, thanks to the Catholic Circle of Rio's petition drive.

Thunderous Encounters

As Christ the Redeemer stands tall at the peak of the mountain, it is no stranger to the forces of nature. Its elevated position makes it a lightning magnet, resulting in several strikes over the years. In 2008, a severe storm caused damage to the statue's fingers, head, and eyebrows. Since then, protective measures, including lightning rods, have been employed to safeguard this remarkable monument.

Ever-Changing Hue

Photo of the Christ Redeemer at sunrise

An intriguing aspect of Christ the Redeemer's beauty lies in its evolving color. The original design, crafted by Silva Costa, used light-tinted soapstone from Ouro Preto quarry in Minas Gerais. However, as this stone became scarce, restoration work had to rely on different stones with deeper hues, lending the statue its unique and changing appearance.

A Sanctuary of Solace

Nestled at the foot of the grand monument, a little church named Our Lady of Aparécida beckons visitors. Elegantly adorned and constructed in 2006 to celebrate the statue's 75th anniversary, this chapel hosts intimate weddings and serves as a haven for contemplation amidst the awe-inspiring surroundings.

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Restoring the Icon

Over a hundred dedicated individuals embarked on a monumental restoration effort in 1990 and 2003 to preserve Christ the Redeemer's splendor. Perched in an exposed location, enduring the brunt of weathering elements, the monument required continuous maintenance and care to withstand the test of time.

Magnet for the Masses

Christ the Redeemer draws a staggering number of visitors each year, surpassing 10 million tourists. Climbing the 200 stairs to the base of the statue or using escalators and elevators, the crowd flocks to witness this architectural wonder. Its allure even entices celebrities, making it a cherished destination for countless souls.

An Embrace of Compassion

Photo of the cable car from the Christ Redeemer

In a heartwarming event in October 2010, the Christ the Redeemer statue played a role in the world's biggest hug. Projections and 3D imagery were employed, creating an illusion of Christ embracing the city. This powerful gesture aimed to raise awareness of the impact of sexual abuse on children and teenagers, emphasizing the importance of nurturing healthy relationships built on trust.

Christ's Armpit Celebration

In a quirky and heartwarming tribute, locals celebrate the "Suvaco do Cristo" or "Christ's Armpit" street party. Dancing and drumming their way through the streets, participants don T-shirts adorned with Christ's image during the carnival, symbolizing a profound connection between the statue and those living closest to it.

Silver Screen Appearances

Photo of the Christ Redeemer at sunset

Beyond its real-world grandeur, Christ the Redeemer has graced the silver screen in various movies like Bette Davis's Now Voyager, Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious, and the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 1). The Catholic Church's declaration of the statue as a sanctuary further adds to its mystique.

Personal Touch

During the construction, many women volunteers left their mark on the statue by inscribing heartfelt messages or the names of their beloved on the back of the tiles, adding a personal touch and affectionate memories to this extraordinary monument.

A Selfie from the Top

Photo of someone taking a photo of the Christ Redeemer

In a daring feat, travel blogger Lee Thompson climbed atop Christ the Redeemer in May 2014, seeking permission from the authorities. His selfie with the colossal statue captured the imagination of many, becoming a testament to the enduring fascination and admiration for this iconic symbol of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

In the presence of Christ the Redeemer, one can't help but marvel at the dedication, history, and captivating stories that surround this awe-inspiring monument. As it stands tall, overlooking the vibrant city below, the statue continues to evoke a sense of wonder and spirituality in the hearts of millions.

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