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Fun Facts About Toronto’s Landmarks

A set of hand drawn prints of Toronto landmarks

Hopefully, you’ve seen our Blue Prints collection? One of the first collections that we started our small business with back in 2016. If you’re looking for souvenir gifts for your Toronto travels, then check out our online souvenir shop with all kinds of art work to choose from. And of course local Torontonians will (hopefully) love how we have captured our city. We thought it will be great to revisit some of these Toronto landmarks and learn some fun facts about them.

A set of hand drawn prints of Toronto landmarks

Royal Ontario Museum

Did you know that the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is one of the largest museums in North America, and the largest in Canada?

Bank of Toronto

Did you know that this abandoned building sandwiched between tall towers on Yonge Street was once one of the top Canadian banks when it first opened in 1905?

Gooderham Building

Did you know that the Gooderham building often known as Toronto’s version of New York’s famous Flat Iron building was in fact built 10 years before its New York cousin? It was the Canadians who first mastered the art of turning a building around a sharp corner.

CN Tower

Did you know that the CN Tower held the record for the world's tallest free-standing structure for 32 years until 2007 and was the world's tallest tower until 2009 being overtaken by Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower, respectively.

A set of hand drawn prints of Toronto landmarks


Did you know that the design of the Sharp Centre for Design at OCAD University came out of a process of participatory design, which means that the Public had a huge say on the look of the late Will Alsop’s famous Toronto skyline puncture?

Honest Ed’s

Did you know that the infamous garish theatre marquee sign of Honest Ed’s was made up of 23,000 light bulbs?

St. Lawrence Market

Did you know that this cultural Toronto gem was first known as The Market Square, and was the centre of the city's social life where auctions took place and public punishments were carried out? This was also the only place you could buy the otherwise prohibited butter, eggs, fish, meat, poultry, and vegetables!

Robarts Library

Did you know that it took 5 years to build the Brutalist styled Robarts Library at the University of Toronto and cost nearly $40 million back in 1968? Being one of the largest libraries in North America, it houses millions of books.

Brookfield Place

Did you know that the Allen Lambert Galleria, designed by world famous architect Santiago Clatrava, is known as the "crystal cathedral of commerce"?

Allan Gardens

With its rich history, did you know that Oscar Wilde gave a lecture at the Allan Gardens back in 1882? This public space has played host to numerous social and political events and today is the proud host of a glass conservatory frequented by many local Torontonians.

A set of hand drawn prints of Toronto landmarks

Massey Hall

Did you know that Canada’s very own Carnegie Hall, is the oldest concert hall in Canada, and was gifted to the City of Toronto by industrialist Hart Massey?

Old City Hall

Did you know that the Old City Hall in Toronto was actually the third in the history of Toronto’s city halls?

Toronto City Hall

Did you know that when seen from above, the Toronto City Hall resembles the shape of an eye representing the seat of power and the eye of the government? The design for this building was the result of a massive international design competition. The 510 design entries from 42 different countries are still talked about to this day.


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