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Unearthing Europe's Hidden Gems: 5 More Unforgettable Destinations

Are you yearning for something different this year, away from the overrated tourist hotspots? Look no further, as we have curated a collection of Europe's best-kept secrets just for you. From the sun-kissed shores of La Ciotat in France to the historic charm of Elblag in Poland, these hidden gems promise a unique and authentic travel experience.

Embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, uncovering Europe's hidden gems. Whether you're seeking sun-soaked relaxation, architectural marvels, tranquil islands, or captivating history, these destinations promise an unforgettable travel experience. Escape the ordinary and create memories that will last a lifetime in these extraordinary and lesser-known corners of Europe.

La Ciotat: Provence's Sunlit Paradise

Photo of La Ciotat

If you crave an escape from overcrowded destinations, La Ciotat is the perfect choice. Located near Marseille in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur region of France, this charming destination offers everything you love about Provence: sunshine, relaxation, artisan crafts, local markets, and delectable cuisine. Discover the incredible Mugel Botanical Garden, unwind on Petit Mugel beach, and indulge in the birthplace of cinema at the world's oldest operating cinema, the Eden Theatre. As the birthplace of pétanque, the beloved French sport, La Ciotat presents an array of reasons to explore its hidden delights.

Elblag: Poland's Architectural Gem

While neighbouring Gdansk may steal the spotlight, Elblag shines as one of Poland's most beautiful hidden gems. This historic city, considered one of the oldest in the country, boasts a rich heritage, stunning architecture, and a picturesque port connected to Gdansk and Amsterdam. Devastated during World War II, Elblag has risen from the ashes, meticulously restoring its most magnificent buildings. As a dynamic and vibrant student city, it also serves as a significant financial centre in Europe. Don't forget to savor the renowned Polish beers while enjoying the city's museums and churches.

Gjogv: Faroe Islands' Untamed Beauty

Photo of Gjogv

If sunbathing isn't your top priority on vacation, the Faroe Islands are calling your name. In the village of Gjogv, situated 60 kilometres from the capital of Torshavn, you'll discover an unspoiled haven of nature. With its breathtaking sea-filled gorge, Gjogv is considered one of the prettiest villages in Eysturoy. Experience affordable accommodations at the village's small campsite and immerse yourself in the pure wildness of this remote destination. Don't forget to pack your waterproof gear, as rain showers are frequent in the Faroe Islands.

Marken: A Dutch Delight

Escape to Marken, a hidden gem in the Netherlands, for a holiday that combines island tranquillity with world-famous cheeses. Located in the Waterland municipality, Marken enchants with its flowered wooden houses and captivating charm. Only 25 minutes by car from bustling Amsterdam (or an hour by public transport), Marken provides a peaceful oasis near the capital. While there, be sure to explore Uitdam, another hidden gem in the Netherlands.

Monemvasia: Greece's Historical Enclave

Aerial view of Monemvasia

Uncover the mysteries of Monemvasia, also known as the Greek Gibraltar, and immerse yourself in its storied past. This captivating destination has witnessed numerous invasions and passed through the hands of various powers throughout history. Once sold to the Pope, the city ultimately became Greek during the War of Independence in 1822. Linked to the mainland by a bridge just half a century ago, Monemvasia has undergone extensive renovations, rejuvenating its fortifications and welcoming visitors from around the world. Movie buffs may recognise this enchanting location as the backdrop for the horror film "The Wind."


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