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Is Age Just a Number For You?

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

One of the first designs, I ever came up with were these witty (read as mean and sarcastic) birthday cards.  Gone are the days where birthday cards need to be prim and proper; flowery and emotional. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good emotionally charged card from time to time, but what better way to celebrate ageing than by reminding people that it’s all downhill post 30 (we only kid – NOT!)

When I was coming up with the birthday one liners, I got two starkly different reactions. My (much younger) brother (in his twenties) burst out laughing, and our dad was squirmish. Great! Target audience established.

We decided to go with a simple splash of colour with both hand painted and digital waterpaints on the cover – I mean we don’t want to be all doom and gloom on people’s birthday right; and used a clean sans serif font to get one simple message across – Age Is Just a Number. These fun cards are meant to make you laugh at your own misery and are perfect for those friends who dread ageing (I’m one of them myself by the way. My friends would wish me Happy 30th, ever since I turned 27!).

Why the simple Happy Birthday hashtag at the bottom of the card? Well that’s just a by the by to remind you that it is someone’s birthday at the end of the day – so be gentle. We hope you enjoy dishing out these cards to your ageing friends and family – but don’t worry – it won’t be long before you start getting them yourself! #HappyBirthdayInAdvance.

You can find these cards on our Society6 store


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