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Of New Beginnings

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Hello. And welcome to our humble online home. I’m Kay (aka The First Born). And I’m here to tell you how this venture began.

A new start is scary but exhilarating, freeing yet time-bound, exciting yet nerve-wracking. When I began to brainstorm about how my brother, my father and I could combine our artistic personalities into one entity, I was at a complete loss. I mean how does one successfully combine an architect’s need for detail, a graphic designer’s need for graphic proficiency and a diplomat’s love for traditional visual arts? I found the answer in our personal story. It was our love for travel that I needed to explore. Growing up around the world, our only constant was change. Culture shocks became a thing of the past, as we embraced different cultural habits and people from around the globe. We were exposed to art, architecture and design sensibilities that almost overwhelmed us. Whether it was the intricacies of Moroccan architecture or the blue hues of Danish design, we let our minds consume as many artistic ideas as we could. We learnt about different art forms, about different styles, about all sorts of tools and practices. But all the information begged one question – how do you curate all this into one simple idea. This is when I envisioned a design studio where travel would meet art.

Our personal travel stories and love for art would dictate the Studio’s work. Ah, but it didn’t end there. Every good design studio needs a good name. I tried and tried to come up with a fun catchy name, and realized soon enough that a name close to home would just make more sense. And so we chose to name ourselves after the only other constant in our lives – our family home. Yup. Close to home all right. So ok, we have a theme, we have a name; now you’re wondering what the logo is all about. Well since Studio 324 is a place where 3 designers’ creative minds work 24 hours a day, our logo needed to represent a collusion of effort – the coming together of three unique design personalities. From this was born the idea of a logo that represents three hands that physically come together and visually create a constant circular movement or motion, symbolizing our constant need for creative outlets. After years of contemplation, I finally took the leap of faith and started Studio 324 in January of 2016. While I design and develop most of the art concepts, my father (The Cool Dad) acts as the guiding force, teaching my about different materials and methods, and my brother (The Odd Ball), with his Graphic Design skills, helps provide the design editing that I need.


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