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A Visit to the Most Colourful Cities

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Whether it’s in the scorching heat of deserts, or the freezing landscapes of colder cities, a splash of colours on buildings adds a whole new dimension to how one experiences a city.

At the Studio, we wanted to illustrate some of these colourful places in a unique way. We wondered how these places would look when stripped of all colour. We began this collection by hand drawing the unique architecture of some of the most colourful cities across the globe.

Something was missing though. We needed to add the colour back. But rather than painting the buildings by hand, we thought we’d paint the skies with a splash of colours. Lo and behold our Splash collection was born.

Thanks to BuzzFeed, friends of the Studio, and our own personal experiences, we were able to narrow down to 13 colourful cities – and by no means is that a complete list.

We hope you’ll enjoy our take of these destinations, and maybe it inspires you to visit them for your next colourful vacation.


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